Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller can sing. Nuanced and delicate, capable of grittiness and sexiness when called for, but always undeniably and authentically herself, she is one of those rare artists of whom it can truly be said: "she has her own voice".

7 albums in a 15 year solo career have marked her as a genuine Australian auteur, as much admired for her emotional and veracious songwriting (Morning In The Bowl Of Night/2007) as for her uniquely diverse interpretations of obscure folk, soul, country and blues songs (Car Tape/2002 & Car Tape 2/2010).

Lisa Miller does more than just deliver words and a tuneful melody, she gives the songs she sing a colour and a pathos that is utterly distinctive. There are very few others with the ability to convey such a degree of soulful feeling, and who are able to write songs that cut so close to the heart of the matter. To listen to Lisa Miller is to hear your very own story put to song.

"A songwriter par excellence" The Age
"Such grace and simplicity, with such intimacy and honesty - lyrical and musical - that it insinuates itself into your life completely" Sydney Morning Herald
"Sublime vocal skills" Herald Sun
"A treasure, a thing of breathtaking, honest beauty" Brisbane Courier-Mail
"A songwriter who has something to say and the finely tuned tools with which to express it in a gently poetic, moving fashion." mess+noise
"Songs of sublime substance" mX
"Lisa Miller has the kind of talent that, every now and then, stuns you to a wide-eyed gasp." InPress